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Dietary Choices and Physical Pain

A new study published in the journal Pain (2017) sought to establish the relationship between dietary choices, and physical pain, as chronic pain has been associated with higher body mass index (BMI).

What did the researchers do?
The researchers recruited healthy obese and non-obese adults, and 98 participants completed the study. Participants were interviewed on dietary habits, which were acquired via a 24 hour dietary recall. Using the information from the dietary recall, nutrient intake was assessed and quality of each participant’s diet was rated on a healthy eating score. Additionally, participants completed questionnaires to assess levels of bodily pain and BMI was determined.

What did the researchers find?
As was shown in previous studies, the researchers found that the greater the magnitude of physical pain reported, the higher one’s BMI. In addition, the study revealed that healthy eating (primarily characterized by seafood and plant protein intake) was associated with less physical pain. This reduction in pain was likely due to the anti-inflammatory components found in seafood and plant proteins.

What is the take home message?
Healthy eating can influence many aspects of one’s health. Specifically, healthy eating decreases and physical pain.
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Graham Beaton is a naturopath practicing in downtown Ottawa.

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Healthy Recipes – A New Series

Over the next several months, watch for at least one healthy recipe or interesting cookbook per week. Some of the recipes posted will be mine, or I will post a link to a website or cookbook where they can be found. The key to the recipes is that they will be seasonal, they have to be healthy, and most importantly, taste good.

Please comment (on twitter) on ones that you have tried, or give me suggestions for future postings.

To start off, here are a few existing recipes from my website, and a desert from Francis Mallmann.

The following desert is from Francis Mallmann and can be found in his cookbook “Mallmann on Fire”. The recipe found in the link is an adaptation from the original and can be done either on a grill (using a cast iron trying pan or pizza stone) or on stove top.
Note – you can cut back on the sugar and butter in the recipe.

For more recipes, keep watching for blog posts or follow me at (on twitter).

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