Graham Beaton BHSc, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

An obvious conclusion was recently reached in a study that followed 82,902 women for more than a decade (as part of the Nurses Healthy Study). It found that women who chose to drink water instead of sweet drinks (i.e. sodas or fruit juices) had a slightly lower risk of developing diabetes.

While it was not the drinking of water itself that helped (regardless of the volume of water consumed), it was making a choice of an alternative to sugary beverages. By exchanging even 1 cup of pop or juice for water, the risk of developing diabetes fell by 7 or 8% respectively.

The message is clear – by cutting back or eliminating unhealthy sugary drinks you can reduce your chances of developing diabetes – potentially allowing you to live a longer healthier life.

Graham Beaton is a Naturopath practicing in the Golden Triangle neighborhood of downtown Ottawa. If you have questions on heart health, how Naturopathic Medicine can help you or on another health concern, give him a call at 613-290-6115.