Osteoarthritis and Joint Health

Breast Cancer and Promoting Breast Health
Movember for Men’s Health and Prostate Cancer

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring
Cholesterol Testing and Cardiovascular Health
Depression Increases Mortality Risk in Adults with Acute Coronary Syndrome
Heart Health – What are the Risks?
Managing Cholesterol Levels for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

Diabetes and Prediabetes
Diabetes and the Brain – Increased risk of Cognitive Dysfunction and Alzheimer’s Disease
Exercise for the Control of Blood Sugar and Diabetes
Statins and Diabetes Risk
Water Intake and Diabetes Risk
Prediabetes – Fact Sheet

Dieting and Weight Loss
Fasting – Does fasting affect subsequent meal choices?
Fasting – Meal times may affect weight maintenance
High Protein-Low Carbohydrate Diets and Heart Disease
Link between vitamin D deficiency and obesity
Weight Gain – A Challenge to Health

Exercise and Physical Activity
Does walking affect the risk of developing breast cancer?
Does Exercise Always Improve Cardiovascular Risk?
Concussions and Return to School
How Much Exercise Should I Get?
Physical Activity vs Prescription Medications – Which is Better for Health?

Food and Nutrition
Caffeine – Does it Protect Against Skin Cancer?
Healthy Eating for New Year’s Resolution – Why eat a beet?
Healthy Eating for New Year’s Resolution – Parsnips
Healthy Eating for the Holidays
Should you check food labels when traveling?

Gastrointestinal Concerns
Irritable Bowel Syndrome – A Common Health Concern

Pregnancy, Prenatal and Maternal Health
Exercise During Pregnancy and Infant Brain Development
Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy

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Stress and Mental Health
The Holidays: The Most Wonderful, Stressful Time of the Year
Stress and Your Health
Work Stress and Cardiovascular Disease in Women

Measles Cases Reported in Ottawa
Do you know what your extended health insurance coverage is for naturopathic medicine?
Keeping Healthy New Year’s Resolutions
Sun Safety for Summer