Diabetes and impaired blood sugar control are significant health concerns affecting more than 9 million Canadians. If untreated or improperly controlled, diabetes can lead to disease of the heart, kidneys and eyes, as well as nerve damage. Come and join us for this free seminar to learn more about diabetes, diabetic health complications and treatment strategies.

Topics of this seminar will include:

  • Physiology of blood sugar control
  • Methods of evaluation and diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and high blood sugar
  • Description of management

Graham Beaton BHSc, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Common Ground Collaborative Care

Date and Time:
Thursday December 4th, 2014 – 7 pm

1049 Bank St, Ottawa ON

To register for this free event, please contact the the Sunnyside branch of the Ottawa Public Library or call 613-290-6115.